Salon Services for Gents

Salon Experience Gent Cuts 

Cutting services start with an in-depth consultation on dry hair, then move to the shampoo room for a custom hair shampoo and melt-away head massage with the perfect conditioner. After your cut, your stylist will finish your hair to your liking and leave you feeling like a million dollars.

Salon Experience Gent Cuts 

New Talent Stylist Prices starting at $25+
Intermediate Stylist  Prices starting at  $35+
Senior Stylist  Prices starting at  $45+
Master Stylist  Prices starting at  $55+

Youth Cuts (age 0-12):

New Talent Stylist  Prices starting at $25+
Intermediate Stylist Prices starting at  $35+
Senior Stylist Prices starting at  $45+
Master Stylist Prices starting at $55+

Our Salon Experience Mens Cutting Team
Michaela, Victoria, Bella, Travis, Ally, Annie, Jude, Dora

Barber Experience Gent Cuts

We have a team of certified barbers among our stylists at Supernova Salon trained to create the same shorter, traditional cuts of a barber even without a red pole outside! These stylists begin sessions on dry hair to begin designing your fade and/or taper and desired end result and decide on techniques and tools needed to create it. Cuts will begin on dry hair using barber tools and barbering techniques. A first shampoo will be done after initial clipper work, then the cut will be finished with clippers and/or scissors. We finish with a second shampoo and melt-away head massage using the perfect shampoo and conditioner custom selected for your hair and scalp. While your head massage is happening a revitalizing hot towel service for your face is available to make you feel like a million dollars. Your hair will be styled to perfection before you leave!

Barber Experience Cuts:

New Talent Stylist Prices starting at $25+
Intermediate Stylist  Prices starting at  $35+
Senior Stylist  Prices starting at  $45+
Master Stylist  Prices starting at  $55+

Our Barber Experience Cutting Team
Dana, Michaela, Annie, Travis, Mathieu, Emily, Jude

Beard Shaping and cutting

We have a few select barbers that have studied and perfected the skills of shaping and cutting beards.

30 min stand-alone service $30
15 min add on service with cut $20

Our Beard Team
Dana and Ally

Kera Smooth Treatments

Kera Smooth treatments transform hair with a unique combination of award-winning proteins, amino acids and advanced polymers  to revitalize and repair hair with unrivalled performance. Whether you’re looking to grow your hair, save time when styling or smooth out the curl, Kera Smooth has the perfect solution to all your hair needs.

We offer complimentary consultations for these services so we can custom design the right treatment for you and your hair to give you the perfect results.

Half head for top only prices starting at $150 (dudes only)
Short Hair  – prices starting at $250+
Long Hair  –  prices starting at $350+

Please note that our short and long hair prices are based on service time needed and product used.  These prices are only a starting point, a complimentary consultation will allow us to give you an exact price.

Men’s Grey Shading Service

For those looking to subtly blend grey hair this service provides a very natural effect for a more youthful look without an artificial looking finish. This service is added onto a cut and takes 15 minutes.

Men’s Grey Blending $35.00

Men’s Full Grey coverage or full colour service

For those looking to have 100% of their grey hair covered. This service takes 60 minutes from start to finish.

Men’s full grey coverage service  $60

Multi Dimensional Colour:

When more than one colour is desired in the hair these services are used to create multiple colours for depth, texture, movement and dimension.

Partial Foils – prices starting at $85
Three Quarter Foils – prices starting at $95
Full Head Foils – prices starting at $110

Fashion Blonding

Imitate Justin Bieber’s hair without any of his bad decisions. Go blonde and see who has the most fun!

Short Hair Full Blonde Service $175
Long Hair Full Blonde Service $200

Short Hair Regrowth Touch Up Blonde Service $150
Long Hair Regrowth Touch Up Blonde Service $150

The fashion blonding services at Supernova Salon all inclule a single tone gloss for shine, protein replacement and tonal perfection!

Ombre / Balayage and Free Hand Painting Services 

This is a service for the guy who wants to look like he has lived in Bali surfing for 6 months. Keeping the natural colour of your hair at the root but painting on lightener to create a lived in bleached ends surfer feel.

3/4 head $95
Full head $110

Hair painting services at Supernova Salon include either a single toner, tonal gloss treatment or Kerastase Treatment. It important to us that after lightening hair we give back plenty of hydration, protein and shine to the hair. Depending on the desired end result one of these will be chosen as the finish to your new look!