Salon Services

Supernova Salon is a team-oriented, tiered hairdressing salon. We have many designations of stylists.

New Talent Stylists are fully trained hair school graduates that have apprenticed and trained with the Supernova team. With fresh hands and ambitious education goals New Talent Stylists are quickly building a loyal clientele.

Intermediate Stylists have been hairdressing for 3-6 years, are very confident in their skills and continue to grow and advance their education.

Senior Stylists have over 6 years of experience, years of education and are always mentoring and supporting younger team members.

Master Stylists have over 15 years experience with an extensive portfolio, published photo shoot work and multiple industry awards.

Please note that prices are shown here as “starting from”. We have a range of stylists with a range of service prices. Chemical services are based on time and product use and should be discussed with your stylist in a consultation.

Ladies Cut:

New Talent Stylist $40+
Intermediate Stylist $50+
Senior Stylist $60+
Master Stylist $75+

Gents Cut:

New Talent Stylist $25+
Intermediate Stylist $35+
Senior Stylist $45+
Master Stylist $55+

Youth Cuts (Age 3-15):

New Talent Stylist $25+
Intermediate Stylist $35+
Senior Stylist $45+
Master Stylist $55+

Kera Straight:

Short Hair $250+
Long Hair $350+

Cezanne Smoothing:

Short Hair $250+
Long Hair $350+

Perming & Waving:


Single Tones:

Regrowth Prices starting at $60
Full Colour Regrowth to Ends Prices starting at $80
Fashion Blonde Prices starting at $90

Multi Dimensional:

Partial Foils Prices starting at $85
Three Quarter Foils Prices starting at $95
Full Head Foils Prices starting at $110
Ombre/Belayage Prices starting at $100
Free Hand Highlight Painting Prices starting at $85

Enhancing Colour Services:

Color.ID Prices starting at $60
Elumen Prices starting at $80
Return Colour – Tint Back Prices starting at $95
Olaplex $50 per every 1/4 ounce

Shine, Perfect, Finish:

Fillers starting at $25 per application
Toners starting at $25 per application
Gloss and Shine starting at $30 per application
Base Softener Natural Hair Enhancer starting at $35 per application