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May 23, 2020

We are Reopening! Yah!!

We are so excited to be announcing that we will be reopening on Sunday May 31!

The whole team is thrilled to be getting ready to come back to work and creating hair you love at Supernova Salon!

New Health and Safety In-Salon Protocols, Our New Normal 
I have already designed a new health and safety in-salon procedure plan for the entire salon team. 

I have also designed new in-salon health and safety protocol for all our guests and all of the information is hosted on our website. It is imperative that all our guests read our new in-salon health and safety documents before arriving so we can all have a successful appointment. 

COVID-19 Pages, Our Information Centre
Please follow these links so you can see them all:
Before your appointment
Cancellation policy
Physical distancing at the salon
Your time at the salon
Salon safety measures

Re-booking – You’ve waited so long, Thank You! 
Beginning this weekend, it will be our first priority to contact by phone all of our guests who had cancelled appointments during our closure and allow them to rebook the service(s) that were cancelled. 
Once we have been able to connect with these clients we will make our appointment book available to other guests. 

The Waitlist is Here! 
If you wish to have an appointment at the salon and were not in the cancelled group of guests this is the official Appointment Waitlist.
Please use only this place to be on the waitlist. We will utilize this list when we are have finished re-booking all our COVID cancelled guests. 
If you have left a voicemail or an email please take the time to sign up here as this is the official list
Supernova Waitlist – CLICK HERE

Physical Distancing at Supernova Salon 
I am sure everyone is aware that the new physical distancing policies will greatly affect how Supernova Salon operates. In our opening we are only able to use every other station so our ability to service guests will be greatly reduced. 

Need Home Care Products?
You are able to shop for any home care by shopping our new online store linked from our website https://supernovasalon.com/ or you can visit directly by clicking here

My Commitment 
My top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our team, our guests and our community. We want nothing more than to do your hair and we miss you terribly, so please be patient with me as I am working as fast as I can. 

Beauty Safe Education 
The entire team has completed their Beauty Safe course through the Beauty Council. This course is to refresh all of our education on health and safety to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Before we open the entire team will be retrained with all our new health and safety protocols while at work in the salon. 

Why no online booking? 
With all the new schedules, social distancing and new in-salon capacity guidelines we need to make sure everyone is booked properly. Our concierge team at the front desk can create the best appointment for you.  The online booking will not be available and booking via email will not be available. 

Thank you 
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time. Please watch for my emails in the coming weeks. 
April 28, 2020

We Miss You! Supernova is still closed due to COVID-19

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Myself and the whole team want to let everyone know that we really miss seeing all of your beautiful faces. Being a part of your lives, creating hair you love and being with each other is something that we are all missing very much. We wanted to let you know how much we miss you! 

I want to say thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding during this very difficult time. I have spoken to many of you and I really appreciate speaking to you and supporting you in any way I can during this closure. 

I am receiving daily information from Dr. Bonnie, The Canadian Federation for Independent Businesses, and the Government of Canada and although I do not have a confirmed date of re-opening I am committed to taking this time to focus on planning and preparing for our re-opening. I can say that when we do open it will be worth the wait xo 

April 28, 2020

Health and Safety Education During the Closure

I would like to share with everyone that during the closure lots of things are happening behind the scenes. Currently the team and I are all completing training to refresh our knowledge of sanitization, disinfecting and how to create a new level of health and safety to protect our guests and each other once the salon re-opens. We will be implementing many new policies regarding sanitation before, during and after each guest visit. Currently, I am working to design our opening to incorporate many new habits to keep everyone safe. 

I am creating new schedules for the team to allow for new social distancing policy and capacity restrictions. 

I will likely be looking to create new hours of business to allow for all our team members to work normal schedules while potentially limiting the number of clients we may be allowed to host at a given time. As there are so many of us I may need to expand the opportunities to work. 

We will be washing our hands before and after each guest and will now be incorporating wearing gloves, masks and have tool disinfectant at each station to ensure your health and well being.  

I am working on a plan to communicate with our guests who have been cancelled during this closure and with all our guests to get appointments rescheduled with their stylist. 

April 28, 2020

Home Care Curb Side

Although the service side of the business is closed we are here for you if you need any special home care shampoos, treatments, and more. Send me an email at info@supernovasalon.com and we can arrange product purchase over the phone and curb side pick up that works for you! 

We are at the salon for curb side pickup Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 

April 27, 2020

Patience Please

I am really appreciative of all the love and patience that everyone has shown us as this has been a very difficult time. So many of our guests have been inconvenienced with cancellations during this closure and I know that has been challenging.  It is going to take some patience and understanding to get everyone re-booked and back on track. We appreciate you for understanding how hard we will work to get everyone booked! 

When the salon does open there are going to be new habits and concepts that may take extra time and we will all be working very hard to adapt to new expectations. I know we will all work together to be kind, understanding and patient. 

April 27, 2020

Color Wow Touch Up Powder. The amazing powder concealer

This powder works as an instant root touch up to keep us all going while we are waiting to get into the salon. It works for darker, lighter and highlights! 

Check out this link to my instagram video about usage and application.

April 27, 2020

The Dreaded Roots Are Coming In…Color Fresh Temporary Colour

Color Fresh is a true temporary colour. No ammonia, no peroxide, no alcohol and it lasts 8-10 shampoos. This is an amazing product to refresh stale colour, create shiny hair and improve the hydration for healthier hair. Color Fresh can give up to 30 % grey coverage and can be a super help to those of you that are really struggling with us being closed. 

These are actual before and after photos of one of our valued guests, Laura, who helped documented her before and after to show our other guests. Thank you Laura!!! 

Before After 

Color Fresh cannot lighten hair, so this is really best for guests needing to deepen their root not lighten their root. It’s available in 20 colours. 

We know how many of you are missing your root touch-ups! We are so sorry to not be able to keep you at your “natural ” colour! wink wink 

April 27, 2020

Gift With Purchase

With every purchase we have a wonderful complimentary gift with purchase as an extra thank you for your support during this time.