Resistance - Soin Primer


Soin Premier Therapiste is a deep conditioner and hair repair treatment to be applied before shampooing to repair severely chemically damaged hair. This hair repair treatment contains Fibre Kap™ complexe to provide hair protection while regenerating the fiber's inner structure to fix damaged hair. 6 amino acids for hair, each attaches itself to damaged hair areas to compensate for the loss of mass in order to fix damaged hair. Resurrection Sap contained in this conditioner regenerates hair strands to better repair severely chemically damaged hair.


How to use Soin Premier Therapiste hair repair treatment :
Step 1. Apply a quarter-size amount of our conditioner to damp hair before shampooing.
Step 2. Massage hair thoroughly to ensure it coats the lengths to ends.
Step 3. Leave in for 2 to 3 minutes.
Step 4. Emulsify and rinse this hair repair treatment completely out of hair.
Step 5. Use before Bain Therapiste to achieve better results in order to fix damaged hair.

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