Salon safety measures

How we as a team are committed to keeping our community safe:

  • During the closure, every team member has completed and been certified in safety, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing protocol laid out by the BC Beauty Council.
  • During your visit your stylist will be wearing all required and recommended PPE to assure your safety.
  • During your visit the Concierge Team and Associate Team, Managers and Owners will also be wearing all required and recommended PPE to assure your safety. 
  • During your Shampooing service your stylist and / or associate will be wearing a face shield to ensure your and their safety. 
  • Your stylist will be washing their hands thoroughly before and after every client and activity change.
  • Your stylist will only offer air hugs and air high fives to assist us in maintaining as much physical distancing as possible.

Cleaning and disinfecting our hair dressing tools to keep you safe

Your stylists have a mandatory time between each client to properly clean and disinfect their tools and station to assure your health and safety.

  • All single use items will be disposed of properly and promptly after your service
  • All multi use tools will be properly cleaned and disinfected according to the Health Standards of Canada