April 27, 2020

The Dreaded Roots Are Coming In…Color Fresh Temporary Colour

Color Fresh is a true temporary colour. No ammonia, no peroxide, no alcohol and it lasts 8-10 shampoos. This is an amazing product to refresh stale colour, create shiny hair and improve the hydration for healthier hair. Color Fresh can give up to 30 % grey coverage and can be a super help to those of you that are really struggling with us being closed. 

These are actual before and after photos of one of our valued guests, Laura, who helped documented her before and after to show our other guests. Thank you Laura!!! 

Before After 

Color Fresh cannot lighten hair, so this is really best for guests needing to deepen their root not lighten their root. It’s available in 20 colours. 

We know how many of you are missing your root touch-ups! We are so sorry to not be able to keep you at your “natural ” colour! wink wink