Treatments at Supernova


All of our services are offered as an add-on (alongside a cut or colour appointment) lasting an additional fifteen minutes OR as a stand-alone service (including a blowout) lasting one hour!

Instant Hair Transformation Treatment

Kerastase Fusio-Dose

Add-on to any service: $40

This customizable, deeply-penetrating hair care system is perfect for all hair types. Our stylists will speak with you regarding your personal hair challenges and blend up a perfect cocktail for your locks. Focusing on moisture, strength, brilliance, smoothness, and density, the fusio-dose treatment is designed to compliment the Kerastase take-home range or use solely as a salon treat!

Kerastase Masqargil

Add-on to any service: $40
Stand-alone: $85

This beautiful clay masque is designed to combat scalp challenges ranging from flaky to tight to itchy and bright (red) – and combat them it does! Masqargil is applied directly to your bothered scalp to provide soothing relief. While not for everyone, those that need it will fall in love!

Five Minute Miracle Masks

Kerastase Masques

Add-on to any service: $10
Stand-alone: $60

An amazing way to try before you buy! These amazing take-home masks focus on a whole range of hair types and desires! Ask your stylist today which take-home mask is perfect for you!

Kerastase Aura Botanica Concentre Essentiel

Add-on to any service: $20
Stand-alone: $65

For the organically inclined! Aura Botanica is the certified organic answer to beautiful hair care! Suitable for all hair types, this gorgeous concentrate enriches the daily conditioner to a place where moisture reigns supreme! Rich, luscious hair care at its cleanest!

Olaplex Conditioning Treatment

Add-on to any service: $30
Stand-alone: $75

Olaplex is the premiere name in bond repair and we are true believers. Protein rich conditioning ideal for those clients with fine, lightened or damaged strands. Come find out why the Olaplex name is on everyone’s lips!

Please let the front desk team know you are interested in a treatment so enough time can be booked for them to truly soak in!