We are very proud to announce our new initiative to reduce the waste generated by our salon. We have partnered with a Canadian company called Green Circle Salons who collect salon waste and keep hazardous and biodegradable materials out of BC landfills. Items such as used colour tubes, chemicals, foils and even the hair itself can now be diverted from the landfill. In fact we are able to now divert over 95% of our salon waste.

Among the items we now recycle include:
– colour tubes and lids
– highlighting foils
– bobby pins
– developer bottles
– all paper products, including food containers
– all numbered and soft plastics
– all of our unused hair colour
– all hair swept up after cutting
– all packing and shipping materials

To help offset the cost of having these items collected and recycled we have added a $1.50 eco-fee to each client’s final bill. We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from those who visit the salon and learn of our efforts to keep our salon as “green” as possible.

Our goal is simple: Love Your Hair!