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Street and Neighbourhood Free Parking

The salon is in a busy urban area, and the neighborhood has free 1-hour and 2-hour parking spots. For most single-service appointments, these spots are perfect. On 4th street and above the road, parking is free of cost and time restrictions and can be an excellent place to find parking.

Paid Parking

There is an open paid parking lot at 180 East 1st Street on the North Side just East of Lonsdale and only one block from the salon if you wish to use it.

Parking Behind the Salon

The Versatile building where the salon is located has five parking spaces behind the salon as complimentary client parking. There are four 2-hour spots and 1 30-minute spot available. These parking spots are shared among all the businesses in the building, so we cannot guarantee availability.

The 30-minute spot at the end near the parkade entrance is designed for short-term use for all businesses; if you have an appointment at the salon for a service, please choose one of the 2-hour spots. If you decide to park in the 30-minute spot and stay past 30 minutes, you may be towed at your own expense.

If you park behind the salon, please feel free to enter the salon from the back door, the door is always locked, but there is a doorbell to alert the team that you are there.

Once you have parked, please put a 2-hour timer on your phone as the parking is a 2-hour limit. If you have been at the salon past 2 hours, please ask your stylist or one of our front desk concierge team to give you a parking pass that will extend your parking time. Most appointments need longer than 2 hours, so we happily extend with a valid building pass. It is the client's responsibility, not the salon, to manage and monitor the 2-hour time limit. We cannot extend the time of the 30-minute spot.

Please note the parking lot is frequently monitored and patrolled by a tow company that the salon does not manage. The salon is not responsible for any improperly parked cars or damage or theft to your vehicle while parked in the building parking lot. Any cars parked incorrectly or in residential visitors' spots can be towed at the owner's expense.