How do I book an appointment

1. Online

2. Telephone - (604)904-8448

3. App - Apple or Samsung

4. Email -

Please note that if you cannot find a spot online, please call the front desk concierge team. We are able to accommodate more quickly over the phone due to the high volume of emails.


We require all appointments to be confirmed, and it is your responsibility to confirm your appointments or contact the salon to let us know if you need to cancel your appointment. 

Our system is automated with our salon software, the salon will send you email and sms communications to receive your confirmation. If for any reason you have booked an appointment and you did not receive any email or sms from us within 15 mins of booking it means your email and or phone number is incorrect in your client file and we would love you to contact us to correct it. 

Day of Booking, booking details email and sms.

Upon booking your appointment the salon will send you an email and a text message with the details of your appointment. This is a detail of services booked, day and time for you to put your appointment in your calendar. If there is an error in the services please call the salon for us to correct it. 

4 days before your appointment.

The salon will send you an email with a link to confirm your appointment. Please click the link in the email to show your appointment as confirmed. 

2 days before your appointment.

The salon will send you an sms to your phone number on file with a link to confirm your appointment. Please click the link in the email to show your appointment as confirmed. 

Booking within 48 hours of your appointment.

If you booked your appointment within 48 hours the salon will only send you an sms reminder with a link for you to confirm your appointment 

What happens if I forget to confirm my appointment?
If you have not confirmed your appointment by 9 am the day before the salon will send you a follow up email to remind you to confirm your appointment from either the email or sms we have already sent you. If you do not respond to the email the salon will try to follow up via phone call to reach you and get confirmation that you will be attending your appointment. As the front desk can be busy, we would prefer all our salon guests confirm their appointments via the link in the email and sms we send out to you. 


What happens if you do not arrive for your appointment?

We understand that life is busy, however your appointment time is reserved for you and your stylist will not be able to service another client with a last minute cancellation or no show. If you do not arrive for your appointment we will send you an email and treat this as a no show appointment. Please see our no show and last minute cancellation policy for possible charges. 

If you have any challenges please feel free to contact our front desk concierge team at any time 604-904-8448
Running late?

We understand that life can get busy and last-minute issues can come up. If you are running late, please call the salon at (604)904-8448 as soon as possible to let us know. We may need to modify your originally booked services to accommodate your arriving late for your appointment.

Arriving more than 15 minutes late could result in a canceled appointment, as we might not have enough time to fulfill your scheduled appointment. We do our best as a team to stay on time as we understand that everyone's time is valuable. However, as all our salon guests have individual needs, we can run behind occasionally. We will do our best to contact you to inform you if we are running late so we can let you know. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.

What is your last-minute cancellation policy?

We are continually grateful for the opportunity to create hair you love! Your appointment is scheduled time that has been reserved especially for you, but we understand that there are times when you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice can be challenging to fill, leaving our stylists with unused time and guests with longer wait times. We have implemented a late cancellation fee to support our guests and team. If you cannot make your appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice to avoid a late fee of 30% of the scheduled appointment. This fee will be charged at your next appointment.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

What happens if I do not show up for my appointment?

We are continually grateful for the opportunity to create hair you love!

When you forget your appointment or forget to cancel and do not show up, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. To support our team and guests, no-shows will be charged a no-show fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment that was missed. This fee will be charged at your next appointment.

If you do not show up for your appointment, you will receive an email from the salon that you have missed your appointment. We give everyone a one-time no-show allowance, and you will be issued one warning and a one-time understanding. If there are any other occurrences, you will be charged 50% of the scheduled appointment that you missed at your next appointment.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Where can I park?

Free Street and Neighbourhood Parking

The salon is in a busy, urban area, and the neighbourhood has free 1-hour and 2-hour parking spots. For most single-service appointments, these spots are perfect. On 4th street and higher, parking is free and has no time restrictions, so this is an excellent place to find parking. 

Paid Parking

There is a paid parking lot at 180 East 1st Street, just East of Lonsdale, on the North side of the street, and only one block from the salon if you wish to use it.

Parking Behind the Salon

The Versatile building, where the salon is located, has five complimentary client parking spaces behind the salon. There are four 2-hour spots and one 30-minute spot available. These parking spots are shared among all the businesses in the building, so we cannot guarantee availability.

The 30-minute spot at the end near the parkade entrance is designed for short-term use for all businesses; if you have a service appointment at the salon, please choose one of the 2-hour spots. If you decide to park in the 30-minute spot and stay past 30 minutes, you may be towed at your own expense.

If you park behind the salon, please feel free to enter the salon from the back door, the door is always locked, but there is a doorbell to alert the team that you are there.

Once you have parked, please put a 2-hour timer on your phone as the parking is a 2-hour limit. If you have been at the salon past 2 hours, please ask your stylist or one of our front desk concierge team to give you a parking pass that will extend your parking time. Most appointments need longer than 2 hours, so we happily extend with a valid building pass. 

The client's responsibility, not the salon, is to manage and monitor the 2-hour time limit. We cannot extend the time of the 30-minute spot. Please note that the parking lot is frequently monitored and patrolled by a towing company, not the salon. The salon is not responsible for any improperly parked cars, damage, or theft to your vehicle while parked in the building parking lot. Any cars parked incorrectly or in residential visitors' spots can be towed at the owner's expense. 

Can I bring my dog?

As much as we love dogs and animals, we want to respect those who have allergies, as well the salon is a busy space with lots of hot tools, equipment, and people moving quickly, and it is not a successful space for dogs or any animals. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Can I bring my friends/family to my appointment?

We want all our guests to feel comfortable, relaxed, and supported at the salon, and there are times when guests need help from a family member or friend at an appointment. The salon does have limited seating for people that do not have appointments, and it is only sometimes possible to have a family/friend sit beside the person getting their hair done, as all our salon styling chairs are in use.

If you need a support person, please limit it to one person and let the front desk know you have someone join you, as we have limited seating. The more warning we have, the better we can plan for your comfort!

Cell Phones

As we all know, most of us need our phones to stay connected to the world. We want everyone to be able to come to the salon and have a peaceful and relaxing experience. If you need to make a phone call, keeping your call short and quiet is appreciated. If you need to listen to a meeting, participate in a zoom call, or wish to listen to videos on social media, please bring earbuds/earphones to the salon to keep the salon a peaceful and quiet environment for all our guests.

Inclusivity Policy

Supernova Salon respects people's right to express and present themselves relative to their race, ethnicity, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We as a team, embrace and celebrate each person as an individual and want everyone to feel accepted and supported.

We offer a gender-neutral service menu so everyone can book successfully.

We strive for our salon to be a safe space for everyone to feel valued and heard. If you have a preferred pronoun (they/ them, she/ her, he/ him) please let us know!

Open Chair Policy

At Supernova Salon, we truly are a team, and if you cannot get in to see your regular stylist, we are happy to have you book with another one of our team members. We share all our colour formulas and guest notes to support guests visiting other team members. As a business, we want to support all our guests in seeing any of our team members.

Should I wash my hair before my appointment?

We encourage all our guests to come to the salon with clean, dry hair for the most successful consultation. Hair washed within 72 hours of your appointment is perfect.

Quiet Appointments

We all have very busy and sometimes overwhelming lives. If you wish to have your appointment, be free of conversation and noise, and please let our front desk team know when booking. We will save all the talking for the consultation and wrap up so you can rest and recharge for the rest of the appointment.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Due to the nature of our services, with colouring, chemical processing, and cutting, we highly recommend each salon guest changes into one of our salon robes to protect their clothes. If you would like to keep your shirt/blouse on, we recommend not wearing collars, turtlenecks, or high neck design shirts as it is easy for items close to the hairline (as we are working in this area) to get wet or potentially damaged. Please note that the salon is not responsible for any lost or damaged clothing due to the nature of our services.


We always recommend that salon guests who are still determining what they would like book an in-person consultation with a stylist. The talk is an opportunity to take your inspiration, consider your hair and hair history, and determine the best solution/goal for your hair. This helps to ensure a successful booking to achieve your desired look.

Consultations are a $20 charge. If you book your appointment at the consult, this $20 will be treated as a deposit and put towards the cost of your booked service.

Smoothing Keratin Treatments, Perm Services, Colour Corrections, and Extension Services require a consultation before booking the service. As everyone's hair is unique to them, the consultation ensures proper service booking for a successful appointment.

Extension consultations are $50. If you book your extension appointment at the consult for the service, this $50 will be treated as a deposit towards the cost of your booked service.

Non-Refundable Deposits for Appointment Reservations

Appointments for Smoothing Keratin Treatment Services, Perms, and Colour Corrections that require longer appointment timelines and/or specially ordered supplies, salon guests will be required to pay a non- a refundable deposit of $150.00 at the time of booking. This deposit can be collected in person or by phone. On the day of your appointment, this deposit will be applied as a credit towards your service invoice.

If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of notice, the entire deposit, minus a $5 administrative fee, will be returned to the original payment method (credit card, debit, etc.)

If you reschedule your appointment with more than 48 hours of notice, we will happily reschedule your appointment, and the deposit will be applied to the new appointment time.

If you cancel or reschedule your appointment within less than 48 hours of notice or do not show up to your appointment, the entire deposit will be forfeited.

Returns and Exchanges

If you are not completely satisfied with any product purchased at Supernova Salon, please contact our manager at within two weeks of your purchase with proof of your original receipt. Supernova Salon does not offer cash, debit, or credit card refunds on products.

Supernova Salon offers an in-salon product exchange to ensure you have the correct products for your hair needs. Your product must be returned in like-new, gently used condition within two weeks of purchase with the receipt.

All product exchanges are subject to validation and approval at Supernova Salon's discretion. The manager will consult in person with the client to exchange the original product for a different product that will suit your hair/scalp needs and personal preference. We are only able to swap products in the same product line. The client will pay the difference if the new product(s) are at a higher cost than the original product. If the new product(s) costs less than the original, the difference will be put on the client's file for future use.

Supernova Salon monitors return/exchange activity by clients for abuse, and we detect what we consider excessive or potentially fraudulent returns from a client. In that case, we will notify the client that they can no longer return/exchange any other products.

Supernova Salon does not offer refunds on hair services. We are dedicated to achieving the hair goals set out during the consultation and creating the hair you love. If you are unhappy with your hair service, please contact the front desk at (604)904-8448 or a manager at to let us know so we can start building a plan. We are eager to work with you to address any concerns and adjust our cuts/colours to give you the hair we discussed in our consultation. Our professional team wants to ensure you are left with the hair you love. We encourage you to see your original stylist so they can continue to learn about you and your hair and make each appointment more successful than the last!