Love your life, Love Your Hair, Love Your Planet

Dana at the SalonThe Supernova team is united by love:  for our profession, our clients and one another. Our story is one of creativity, confidence and collaboration. From the moment you walk into the salon you will witness these values put to action. We endeavor to make a difference in our client’s lives not only through beautiful hair but by how your experience with us makes you feel. Our pride shows in our relationships and how we nurture those connections from supplier, to staff, to you, the client.

We love creative hairdressing. We are engaged and passionate about modern and innovative education to give our clients, our team, and our salon services the best the industry has to offer. We cherish the traditions of hairdressing while putting our unique and original stamp on a time honoured craft. We are confident about the future, we have the systems and processes to educate, inspire and evolve our team. 

Our focus on development creates confidence and with confidence our team can achieve anything. Confidence creates great stylists and ensures our ability to attract the best people to our team.  Through our creative and competition work we are engaged in pushing the boundaries of our craft and shaping the future of our industry. We are not the standard; we are committed to the process of becoming great. 

Collaboration is key to creating the best experience for the clients and the team. Through excellent collaboration we develop deep and trusted relationships to strengthen our business. We are always brainstorming, problem solving and talking to create the best end result for everyone. We are a true team, we are friendly and  always make everyone feel loved. Each person is working towards their best but without ego supporting others to achieve their best. Through coaching, encouragement, inspiration our salon team creates the environment for everyone to be better every day. We are a team of highly skilled stylists, front desk superstars and apprentices collaborating to achieve excellence, innovation and creativity. 

The Supernova Salon client is looking for the best. They are sophisticated in taste and fashion forward knowing their own style and working to create a personal statement that is not just trend following. Our clients are educated in products and services, have high standards, are confident that our hairdressing practices are true to the integrity of the hair, the client and the environment. We commit to be the best and take pride in educating our clients on the best methods to create the desired end result.