Updated: November 29th, 2021 

Our Updated Winter 2021 Health and Safety In salon and guest Protocol.

Before you arrive at the salon – Our most important ask of you! 
Please be well.

If you or anyone in your household has experienced or is experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 including coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, fever, body aches, or chills, you must reschedule your appointment.

Health and Safety Questions for Contact Tracing – our other most important ask! 

We will ask you a few questions once you arrive in salon at your appointment.  

Please confirm your appointment – you risk losing your spot! 

4 days before your appointment you will be sent a confirmation via email. You MUST confirm your appointment no later than 72-hours before your appointment. If you do not confirm, we will reach out to you via phone and allow you 24 hours to reach out to us. If you do not answer this call or return our call we will assume you are no longer able to attend and we will cancel your appointment time and reassign it to a client on your stylist’s waiting list.

Last Minute Appointments and Walk Ins 

Please feel free to reach out to the salon for a last minute appointment, late booking or a walk in. We like all businesses have cancellations and no shows so please reach out to us by phone or online to get a last minute booking. Our stylists depend on being busy and we want all our appointment times booked! You will need to do your health and safety waiver quickly before your appointment for our contact tracing. 

No show policy, can’t make your appointment?

We are continually grateful for the opportunity to create hair you love! During this time, every appointment is precious and every stylist has a long waiting list of clients. If you cannot attend your appointment we expect and appreciate 48-hours notice so we can properly fill the appointment. If you do not  show up for your appointment you will receive an email from the salon that you have missed your appointment. This will be your one time no-show allowance. You will be given one warning and a one-time understanding. If there are any other occurrences, you will be charged 50% of the scheduled appointment that you missed at your next appointment.

Cancellation Policy 

We are continually grateful for the opportunity to create hair you love! This scheduled time has been reserved especially for you, but we understand that there are times when you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment! Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice can be very difficult to fill leaving our stylists with unused time and guests with longer wait times. To support our guests and team, we have implemented a late cancellation fee. If you cannot make your appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid a late fee of 30% of the scheduled appointment.

Physical distancing at Supernova Salon

As our Covid case numbers decrease and the health officers are now allowing more togetherness in businesses and in communities we at the salon will begin to soften our physical distancing. Our team and guests will  continue to wear our masks as we begin to feel comfortable again with more people around us. As we are so close to our guests and in their intimate space during your visit and throughout the day, we feel that a slow shift from strong physical distancing to more closeness will make everyone more comfortable. 

On the day of your appointment!
Yay! Finally we get to see you! 

Entering and Leaving The Salon 

As our Covid health and safety policies and procedures are still going strong we would appreciate all our guests using the front door. By using the front door  the front desk concierge team can properly check you in,  complete your health and safety waiver and greet you promptly. When you are leaving the salon you are welcome to exit through the front door or the back door, just please keep your mask on until you leave the salon. If you have parked behind the salon please feel welcome to use the back door as an entrance, please read below for more information on using the back door as an entrance. 


Please feel free to use the parking stalls behind the salon to park while you are at the salon. If you do park in the back it is your responsibility
to let the front desk team know so they can tell you about the time limits and rules of parking there. Supernova Salon takes no responsibility of any vehicles parked there. When you park behind the salon please feel welcome to use the back door to enter the salon. Please if you use the back door, have your mask on upon entering, sanitize your hands with the hand sanitizer provided on the wall and please go directly to the front desk so they can properly check you in, complete your health and safety waiver and get you all ready for your appointment. 

Please continue to wear a mask

As a team we are committed to the health and safety of all our guests, team and community. As stylists we do spend long periods of time in the intimate space of our guests and our team mates. For the continued health and safety of our team and guests we as a team have decided to continue to have masks be mandatory in the salon for everyone. While the world begins to open up and many changes are happening we feel it is the best decision at the moment to stay masked. We will be re evaluating this at the end of the Summer and will keep you updated with any changes.

Just Bring You

Please arrive alone for your service. No children under the age of 12, no friends or spouses, just bring your beautiful self! Of course exceptions can be made for caregivers to assist in an appointment.

Sanitize Upon Entry 

Upon entry to the salon, please use the hand sanitizer provided for you at the front door.

Sanitize During Your Time at The Salon 

During your time at the salon we have provided hand sanitizer for you to use before you use any communal touch points, doors, handles and railings. Please use sanitizer during your appointment and as you move through the salon space. 

Jackets, Coats and Your Belongings 

The salon now has full use of our Guest Change room and we are able to hang your belongings with no coverings. If you wish to hang your belongings in the Guest change room please know we will no longer be using plastic sheets to separate each guests personal things as well as we will no longer be disinfecting our hangers. You are also welcome to keep your belongings in your car if you are not yet comfortable with this change.

Please Be On Time

In order to keep healthy distancing we must maintain proper capacity numbers in the salon. We are doing our best to be on time for you and not run behind so please be on time for your appointment. Note that you may only enter five minutes before your scheduled start time and you may need to wait outside if our reception area is at capacity.

As we are limited to a strict client count start times will be more important than ever and if you are more than five minutes late we will likely be unable to honour your appointment.

During your appointment, It will be a little different but still awesome! 

  • There will be no magazines or reading materials provided at this time.
  • There will be no beverage service and we will not be able to provide any cups or cutlery at this time.
  • Sadly, we are unable to provide any chocolates or snacks. 
  • Please no outside food or drink allowed at this time as you must keep your mask on at all times, if you have a long appointment please eat before you come. 
  • There are hand sanitizer stations around the salon beside each door for use before touching any door handles.
  • Please wash hands with clean and soapy water for 20 seconds after bathroom use.
  • Please bring positive vibes and positive conversation. We know the last months have been hard for everyone so we want to get our salon environment back to the fun, exciting energy that it was. We will be focused on positivity and would like to ask that we try not to talk about COVID-19 out of respect for each other and those around you who may have opposing views.

How we as a team are committed to keeping our community safe:

  • During the closure, every team member has completed and been certified in safety, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing protocol laid out by the BC Beauty Council.
  • During your visit your stylist will be wearing all required and recommended PPE to assure your safety.
  • During your visit the Concierge Team and Associate Team, Managers and Owners will also be wearing all required and recommended PPE to assure your safety. 
  • During your Shampooing service your stylist and our guests are safely separated from other guests and stylists. 
  • Your stylist will be washing their hands thoroughly before and after every client and activity change.
  • Your stylist will only offer air hugs and air high fives to assist us in maintaining as much physical distancing as possible.

Cleaning and disinfecting our hair dressing tools to keep you safe

Your stylists and salon team have a new time and tools  between each client to properly clean,  disinfect  and sanitize their tools and station to assure your health and safety.

  • All single use items will be disposed of properly and promptly after your service
  • All multi use tools will be properly cleaned and disinfected according to the Health Standards of Canada 
  • All capes, guest robes, and towels used during your appointment are washed immediately in hot water. All linens are single use and will not be reused without washing. 
  • We have provided single use paper towels for our bathroom.
  • Each station (chair, black guest shelf and styling stations) are cleaned and disinfected in between each client visit.

Your concierge and support teams will be working diligently throughout the day to clean and disinfect all common areas including but not limited to the front desk, payment terminals, and door handles.

Salon service times and stylist pricing 

With the new protocol in place at the salon each service will be a bit longer to allow for proper cleaning and disinfecting of our tools before your appointment as well as the station you will be using. Also this longer time allows for a less congested salon so maintain our physical distancing and in salon capacity numbers. With longer service times the salon has made small price adjustments to reflect these extended service timelines. 


At the end of your visit, before we say goodbye

  • At the end of your visit your guest robe will go into the soiled linen bin in the guest change room. Please do not hang it back up. 
  • Your stylist will (with distance) escort you to the front desk.
  • Please stand behind the plexiglass so our concierge team can help you.
  • Please let our concierge team handle all your retail for you to keep it safe for all guests.
  • The concierge team will use the light boxes on our desk to pass you your home care in one of our retail bags. 
  • Please be encouraged to use the hand sanitizer supplied for you at the desk when using the PIN pad. 
  • The concierge team will be using a disinfectant wipe on all home care items and on the PIN pad for you as well. 

Some things are different, but some things never change

We will still be creating hair you love, at Supernova Salon. 

We will still be providing excellent service, masks and all.

Our salon space is safe and welcoming. 

We will still be able to laugh and celebrate with you, in masks and all our PPE.

We have all the home care to help you create hair you love at home.

We have our full concierge team to support you before you leave.

We now have online shopping to support you from home if you need. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support!

Keep Safe and Be Well, 

Dana and the Supernova Salon Team