Creating hair you love at Supernova Salon 

The Supernova team is united by love: for our profession, for our clients and for each other. Our story is one of creativity, confidence and collaboration. Through living these values we strive to make our clients feel and look amazing. From the moment you walk into the salon you are welcomed with love, we take pride in caring for people. We respect all our relationships and appreciate everyone who is connected to the salon, from supplier, to staff, to the client. 

“Creating hair you love is what we want to do for each guest who visits our salon. To have you feel your best and empowered to take on your life.

Dana Lyseng, Owner and Creative Director of Supernova Salon 

It was my dream to create an environment of engaged and passionate people who care about modern and innovative education. I also hoped to provide our guests the best possible experience. I had a vision to create a salon where my values could come to life.  A salon where there was space for everyone to be a leader, a place where together we are Supernova, and an environment where we never stop learning. 

I am also very proud to have my salon committed to being a Green Circle Salon – supporting my personal commitment to reduce waste. This system helps us to recover and repurpose beauty waste ensuring that we can help keep people and the planet beautiful. 

Thank you, 
Dana Lyseng