Curl Manifesto - Refresh Absolu


Whip Your Curls, Waves, & Coils Back Into Shape

This amazing second day curl refresher spray infused with Manuka honey and ceramide for all curly hair types. Lightweight and refreshing your curls are instantly rehydrated, revitalized and your curl definition is reactivated. The refresh spray promotes natural pattern formation, enhances bounce and volume while promoting anti frizz and enhancing shine. 

Second day curl refreshing spray for curly, very curly and coily hair.

  • 74% more defined curls instantly
  • Humidity shield for instant,
  • 24H, frizz control
  • Reactivates moisture, shape & shine for 73% more conditioned and 63% more hydrated curls.

Powered By

  • Manuka Honey, A powerful and rare honey from New Zealand rich in minerals, nutrients and natural sugars.
  • Ceramide, A patented ingredient that restores softness, smoothness and strength.
  • Coconut Oil, This well-known oil provides hydration, nutrition and suppleness to curls.

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