Dana's schedule is open, and free gifts are waiting for you!

Happy New Year! 

We wish everyone a softer year filled with health, happiness and love. I think we can all agree that we are happy to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021! I think it is important to acknowledge that we have all been through this unprecedented event that has never happened in our lifetime before, and with kindness and empathy, we continue to not only survive but thrive together.


Dana's Schedule

Dana's schedule for April, May and June is open for booking if you would like to book with her. Please know that Dana is not available for booking online to keep any openings available for her cancellation list. If you cannot get the appointment you want, please ask the concierge team to put you on her cancellation list.



Free Kerastase Tote Gift with Purchase 

We are excited to have a few more Kerastase Winter Trio sets left in the salon. These once a year trios will only be available until January 30th and are a 25% savings on your favourite products. Enjoy a free Kerastase Tote with the purchase of a Kerastase Winter Trio box set!



New Health and Safety Waiver 

The salon is now doing your health and safety waivers upon your arrival at the salon.  Please still confirm your appointment using the link in your confirmation email that comes from our salon software, Phorest. It is so important for us to know you can attend your appointment.

Parking Behind the Salon

Just a reminder we have parking spots available behind the salon. Yes, we still have the front door as the only entrance, but you can exit the salon through the back door and get to your car quickly.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all your love and support during this ongoing challenging time.
We are continuing to uphold the highest standards of health and safely to keep you, our team, and our community safe. 
Love Your Hair, Love Your Life, Love Your Planet at Supernova Salon.
Dana and the Supernova Team