Kérastase Luxury Eco Refills

We're excited to launch Kérastase's newest line of Refillable Shampoo Bottles and Eco-Refill Pouch Sets!


This line launches two new products.

The refillable shampoo bottles are available in five Kérastase ranges. The refillable bain provides a completely reusable shampoo bottle with custom engraving for an aesthetically pleasing, luxury look in the shower. The system eliminates most of the plastic waste associated with single-use shampoo bottles, making heightened luxury a responsible practice.

Reuse, and refill.

The refill shampoo pouch is to be purchased to fill the refillable shampoo bottle. The pouch is made with -82% less plastic than the packaging of two 250 mL Kérastase shampoos, helping us make eco-friendly shampoo a possibility with less waste.

"Since 1964, Kérastase has been creating the future of hair with ambition, innovation and science. With those values in our DNA, we transformed a world focused on hygiene into one rooted in care. Now, in that same spirit, we pledge to create a better future in which we care for the planet and its people." -  Rosa Carriço, Global President, Kérastase

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