Mask Mandate Update

To our valued Guests, 

As we move into a new landscape of this pandemic, with the mask mandate being lifted, we are once again in a new and sensitive time. It is my wish to always move through a difficult time with kindness and to be thoughtful of others and what their needs and vulnerabilities are.

As the government has lifted the mandatory mask mandate indoors and in public places, there will be many different emotions that we all feel and we want to support our team, our guests and our community through this transition.

At Supernova Salon, mask wearing will no longer be a mandatory part of our health and safety practices. However, if you feel more comfortable to continue to wear a mask, we encourage you to do so. We may have salon team members that wish to continue to wear a mask and we support and encourage them to do so. We will support each person’s decisions with love and empathy. We will continue to ask each person entering the salon to sanitize upon entry.

We will continue to disinfect each station, our sinks, and our tools after every guest visit. Our towels and all linens will continue to be freshly washed after every use and we will continue to frequently wash our hands. We will continue to have everyone’s health and safety as our top priority.

If you feel more comfortable as a guest at the salon to have your stylist wear a mask, please let them/us know and we will happily accommodate. If you are experiencing any symptoms of cold, flu, or you are unwell, we will ask you to also wear a mask to be thoughtful of the health of the other people in the room.

It is important to remember that we all have different health needs and individual health histories. We all have our own emotions, thoughts, and opinions about mask-wearing and the impact of mandates. We want to support a positive, safe, and healthy transition into what will be our new normal.

Over the next months, we will continue to keep a close watch on our practices and commit to helping the transition be successful.

As we navigate through this next transition, I wish for everyone be kind, to themselves to everyone else, as we are all moving at our own pace of comfortability.

Thank you,


Owner and Creative Director of Supernova Salon